Sandra Dreyer has actively supported us in reorganizing our fast-growing company in the area of project management.

Thanks to her many years of experience and expertise in the field of project management, her hands-on approach and her feel for people and the circumstances in the company, we have jointly developed a solution tailored to Ovesco – a solution from which both parties – our employees and the entire company – are already benefiting today and will benefit in the future.

I am happy to recommend her as a consultant and coach, as her tireless commitment to her clients, coupled with a combination of experience, intellect and heart, makes her stand out from the crowd of consultants and coaches.

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Gottwald
Executive Board Member Ovesco Endoscopy AG

Sandra is not just an excellent leadership coach, but a beacon of inspiration. Her wealth of experience in leadership, is not just a professional asset, but a testament to her lived principles that she is coaching. Her individualized approach in crafting tailored solutions, reflects a structured and strategic mindset. And while effectively turning challenges into opportunities, through our sessions she brings a touch of fun into the coaching process.

Sandra is straightforward and honest in her feedback, earning trust through respect while creating a safe, supportive working environment.
She not only speaks of personal values but lives them, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and integrity in every business endeavour.

It is true privilege having her as a coach!

Dr. Srdjan Picuric
Senior Director Program Managment, Polpharma Biologics S.A.

Sandra Dreyer masters organizational development…

In addition to her many years of experience and her professional competence, she stands out from the masses of organizational consultants and coaches through her empathy, commitment, her positive nature and the will to always develop the best solutions with and for her clients.

Dr. Wolfgang Fischer
COO Affimed N.V.

Meeting Sandra was a life-changing moment in my professional career and the journey to find my own leadership style, which she encouraged at every step. And what a journey it’s been! I have worked with Sandra for 3 years now and after all that time I still cannot wait to our upcoming meetings, after which I am energized, motivated and ready for new challenges ahead.

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, she brings years of experience and truly understands the environment and needs of her clients. No matter if you have a personal session or a group workshop, you can always expect a tailor-made approach that exceed expectations. I know I can reach out to her by email or phone in between planned sessions, to brainstorm or discuss roadblocks.
Her empathy, attention to details and openness made me realize that I found a coach and a sparring partner that I can trust and work with for many years.

Lewiński Paweł
Director Portfolio & Commercial Strategy, Polpharma Biologics S.A.

Sandra Dreyer has supported me in 2 central topics for our company: the definition and implementation of our Affimed corporate culture and the creation, implementation and evaluation of a company-wide employee survey as an instrument for determining employee satisfaction in the company, which we can use regularly.

I am happy to recommend Sandra Dreyer to others, as she places the central theme of “people in the company” at the forefront of her work and thus achieves project successes with her clients that are tailor-made for the company and therefore sustainable.

Tim Behrendt
VP HR & Internal Communications Affimed GmbH

Sandra Dreyer supported me and my team in preparing for our 1st global Biosimilar launch.

Her expertise and own launch experience in this field combined with her structured way of thinking and working, her openness to share information, develop strategic insights with the team, as well as willingness to challenge us for a better outcome were crucial to maximize our efforts for a successful product launch.

I can highly recommend her as a consultant and coach – it is the combination of getting professional advice and having fun working with her.

Darius Panaligan
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Commercial and Communications, Biosmilars Business at Fresenius Kabi

Sandra Dreyer has been accompanying me and our company for the fourth year of our collaboration. She was and is an important sparring partner in our transformation from a technology company to a successful company with innovative product development. For me, the following 3 points are why I would like to recommend her to other clients in the industry:

  • She brings first-hand experience to the table when it comes to building/rebuilding organizational structures – she knows what she’s talking about
  • It is very important to her that her work delivers measurable and sustainable solutions for her customers. For this reason, her work is characterized by close cooperation with the management team and the employees at the operational level.
  • She speaks the languages of management AND employees.
  • She develops and delivers solutions that always keep the company’s goals in mind.

Dr. Adi Hoess
CEO Affimed N.V.

Sandra is someone you can rely upon to find tailored solutions for you and your company‘s needs.  She listens carefully and suggests pragmatic implementable actions.  Sandra is transparent and honest in her feedback, she does not mince her words, and knowing this, I feel your can trust and count on the feedback she gives.

Alexandra Moulson
VP Development & Managing Director, Polpharma Biologics B.V.

The leadership coaching with Sandra Dreyer helped me to develop my own leadership style and to master the transition into a department head role in a biotech company without any problems after many years in Big Pharma. I was impressed by the holistic approach of her coaching, which focused not only on the professional side, but also on work-life integration and stress management.

I am very happy to recommend Sandra, because she sees her coaching work as helping people to help themselves. Sandra asks the right questions and works with a wide range of methods. Of course, the implementation was up to me. But when I needed help, she easily found time for a phone call or a personal meeting and supported and encouraged me. Thank you Sandra!

Dr. Sabine Daugelat
Head Project Leadership, Pieris Pharmaceuticals

I hired Sandra because she combines functional expertise, methodological competence and strategic know-how in the biotech market. Furthermore she approached the people in our company with an open and engaging manner and is an excellent communicator.

With her support it was possible for me to implement a tailor-made project and matrix organization with a limited team and, as a result, to start managing our biosimilar development processes more efficiently.

Furthermore, Sandra was essential in the development of our biosimilar strategy in combination with an operational plan. The implementation of the strategy following our joint project was successful, as the strategy and the operational plan were a perfect match and Sandra never lost sight of the circumstances of our company during the entire project. I am happy to recommend her, because she develops sustainable business solutions together with her clients and does not impose ready-made plans on them.

Dr. Klaus Martin
President Apobiologix

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