With my P.O.C.C.C. method, I think pharma differently by analyzing problems from different perspectives on the topics of organization, change, communication and culture in order to identify the levers with the greatest impact.
This approach is always carried out with the employees in mind in order to develop sustainable and innovative solutions.

POCCC method explained as a graphic. PEOPLE is in the middle with everyone else around it.


People are the most valuable resource in companies and yet this awareness has not yet truly been understood .

Create an environment in line with the people in your company that allows your employees to perform at their very best. Become a creator of potential instead of continuing to make do with Z.D.F. managers (figures, data, facts).


What do you understand by an organization; an organization chart in PowerPoint or a  “home” for your employees in which structures and processes are optimally aligned with the corporate vision, mission and strategy? A home, in which activities, communications and team spirit mesh seamlessly.

Is your company already the  “home” for your employees?


We are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution – digitalization is changing ways of working to an unprecedented extent and speed. “Change” is at the top of many company agendas and must become the new “normal” if companies want to succeed.

Where do you stand with your company? How do you manage the “new normal” with your employees without losing focus, speed and efficaciousness?


“Thought is not said.
Said is not heard.
Heard ist not unterstood.
Unterstood is not agreed.
Agreed ist not applied.
Applied is not maintained.”
Konrad Lorenz

What is the status of your corporate communication? What communication goals do you have and are you already implementing them?


„Culture can become a ‘secret weapon’ that makes extraordinary things happen.”
Jon Katzenbach, Booz & Co

Along the lines of Jon Katzenbach’s quote : Do you want pure salary earners or the opposite – employees who rise above themselves and use their potential to help the company grow?

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