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Current events clearly show that our world (both professionally and privately) is in a state of upheaval. Albert Einstein once said that passivity in times of change is tantamount to “madness”:

„The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change“ – Albert Einstein

“Change is the new normal”. You as a manager and leader are  challenged more than ever to break new ground. To do this, you need a high degree of flexibility, speed, courage and the willingness to take risks, coupled with an open ear and empathy for the people in your company.

Transformation can only lead to new successes in the future if everyone pulls together, speaks a common language, is closely involved and is taken along in the transformation process. So join me in thinking pharma / biotech differently to achieve real perspectives and innovative solutions.

What does it mean to think pharma differently with me?

I serve as your partner for an in-depth process that, as a first step, requires an honest examination of the status quo and acceptance of what is currently not running smoothly.

Building on the results of this initial examination, we will work together to define new ways to achieve desired goals and objectives, such as differentiation from your most important competitors or the optimization of internal processes for your company.
As a trained scientist, I do not rely on quick and superficial “symptom treatment”. Instead, my focus is on profound, sustainable change with close involvement of you and your employees to achieve real and lasting results.

1. Actual state analysis

2. Root cause analysis

3. Solutions

4. Implementation

5. Controlling

What does it take to think pharma differently?

An open mind, trust and engagement in our joint process. Change requires your willingness to speak openly, honestly and think “out of the box”.

Your willingness to break new ground, take your employees with you in this journey and implement innovative measures will be the driving force behind our collaboration.

Treating symptoms should not be our goal, rather to recognize and solve.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in your company?

My P.O.C.C.C. method helps you to identify the key levers for growth.
Analyze the most important fields for action in your organization together with me now:

  • Lack of appreciation and acknowledgement of employees
  • Lack of leadership skills
  • Lack of identification of employees with their role/tasks
  • Employees are not heard/seen
  • Lack of vision / strategy for the company
  • Lack of clarity on roles & responsibilities
  • Complex / inefficient / unclear processes
  • Deficits in decision making
  • Change processes progress slowly or with difficulties
  • Lack of information
  • Lack of leadership
  • Lack of involvement of employees in the change process
  • Unclear & unspecific communication
  • Silo attitude of people
  • Rumor mill / gossiping running at full speed
  • Lack of feedback behavior
  • No defined culture
  • Lack of identification of employees with company culture
  • The management level does not exemplify the culture
  • Culture is not lived / not accepted by employees

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Alexandra Moulson

VP Development & Managing Director, Polpharma Biologics B.V.

Sandra is someone you can rely upon to find tailored solutions for you and your company‘s needs. She listens carefully and suggests pragmatic implementable actions. Sandra is transparent and honest in her feedback, she does not mince her words, and knowing this, I feel your can trust and count on the feedback she gives.


Head Project Leadership, Pieris Pharmaceuticals

Thanks to Sandra Dreyer and her excellent leadership coaching, I was able to develop my own leadership style and master the change to a department head role in a biotech company without any problems after many years in Big Pharma.


President Apobiologix

Sandra Dreyer played the leading role in the development of our biosimilar strategy and, with her excellent expertise, ensured that the strategy was implemented successfully and smoothly. Her business solutions are not only sustainable, they were also precisely tailored to our needs. Thank you very much for this great support!

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